Thursday, September 2, 2010

Advertising on WhipperBerry


WhipperBerry readers are intelligent, fun, sophisticated, creative and always looking for more.  Why not share your great ideas on WhipperBerry!  Here is a list of several ways to get noticed on our site.

Advertise on the Sidebar

Advertising on the sidebar is a wonderful way to get noticed and drive traffic to your blog, website, or Etsy shop.  Right now the pricing is AMAZING!!   WhipperBerry is rather new and building our readership.  While we are busy growing we are offering 3 months of free ad space on our sidebar with the purchase of an additional three months.  Contact us for pricing.  What we will need from you is a 125x125 image to use and an address to link it to.  If you are interested email

Product Features

Have a product that you would like to share with the world?  This is a wonderful way to get the word out.  Our readers are constantly looking for the next great thing that will change their life (that may be a tad over dramatic, but you get the idea.)  Send us your product and we will try it out and let our readers know what we think.  Along with that we will photograph the item and you will have free access to use whatever images we come up with.  If you are interested email and we can chat!

Sponsor a Giveaway

Another way to get noticed and get your name out there is to sponsor a giveaway at WhipperBerry.  Blog readers love giveaways and they eat them right up.  Not only that, they tell all of their friends about the giveaway.  It’s a wonderful way to get noticed.  If you are interested email to gab about the specifics.